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The heart of our life as a community is worship. In worship we are renewed in our faith, joined into community with others, and sustained by Word and Sacrament.


Our Worship is...

...Evangelical, Lutheran, Ecumenical.

"Evangelical" refers to the good news (evangel) of Jesus Christ. Our worship, then, is evangelical because in everything we do, say, and sing, we proclaim Christ's life-giving death and resurrection. 

We are Lutheran by our heritage. We place great emphasis on both Word and Sacrament as bring God to all people. We proclaim the Word in scripture and song, and remember our baptism at the font, and share in the meal of Holy Communion each week.  

We are ecumenical because of all the things we share with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our scripture readings, our patterns for worship, the sacraments themselves--these are not uniquely Lutheran but rather definitively Christian.


...Traditional and Contemporary.

Our worship is both traditional and contemporary, and, no, that does not refer to whether or not we use a guitar or organ in worship. We are traditional because our pattern for worship is ancient, described by an ancient historian in the second century. We do many of the same things Christians have been doing for centuries. 

Our worship is also contemporary because everything that is done is for this time and this place. We are grounded in who we are now. This means that yes, there are hymns and songs written in the last twenty years. Our language may be more contemporary. We may try new things in our sanctuary space--but all of these things will have their roots in our long, shared Christian heritage.


...Local and More-Than-Local.

What happens in worship happens in a specific place, at a specific time, with a specific group of people. That means our worship is definitely local. We preach the gospel here. We sing songs here. We share a meal here. But there are parts of our worship that are not from here: our Bible was not written here, nor were many of the hymns, some of the prayers, etc. We pray for the whole world, not just those within a twenty mile radius.


Our Worship Pattern



The assembly is gathered together
Confession and Forgiveness or Thanksgiving for Baptism
Gathering Song
Pastor and Congregation Greet Each Other
Kyrie or Hymn of Praise
Prayer of the DaY



The assembly hears and proclaims God's Word
First Reading, Psalm, Second Reading
Children's Message
Hymn of the Day
Prayers of Intercession
Passing of the Peace


The assembly partakes of the body and blood of Christ
Great Thanksgiving and Words of Institution
Lord's Prayer



The assembly is sent back out into the world
Sending Song

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