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The Social Ministry Committee and the Evangelism Committee also work hard to serve our community and witness to the love of God.


Social Ministry supports organizations like Appalachian Outreach, Inc., Lutheran World Relief, and local charities. Evangelism offers events and programs to the wider Littlestown Community, designed to be fun, family affairs, often free of charge!

Faith Formation

The Faith Formation Committee coordinates classes on Sunday morning during our Faith Formation hour. They also plan and lead Vacation Bible School and other special activities throughout the year.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for working with all stakeholders to develop the annual budget and track activities against the budget. The committee is also responsible for ensuring that all policies and procedures related to the financial activities of the church are accurate, efficient and effective and contain the proper level of control to guard against misappropriation or fraud.  Finally, the committee is responsible for monitoring all scholarship funds and trusts for the church. 


The mission of this committee is to proclaim God’s love through Jesus Christ by encouraging faithful discipleship and presenting paths to stewardship for all in the congregation that utilize their gifts of time, talent and treasures in a prayerful and thoughtful manner. Currently, they help organize an annual garden for the community and Habitat for Humanity builds. They have also worked on Pledge campaign to assist the budget process and a massive cleaning effort for both the main Church building and the fellowship hall.

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