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who we are

The St. John’s congregation traces its roots back to the 1760s when early settlers answered God’s call for a Lutheran church in the region that would one day grow into Littlestown, Pennsylvania.  Taking a great risk, and using their own financial and physical resources, the tiny handful of families created a warm and loving church.



Today, St. John’s serves hundreds of families in and around Littlestown.  While many families have attended St. John’s for generations, there are also many new families that continue to join the congregation each year.  We certainly welcome you to visit and learn more about us.



Whether you are new to the area, a long-time resident, or a current member of the congregation, we always enjoy hearing from you.

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Rev. Martin Zimman

Part-Time Supply Pastor

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Rev. Angela Zimman

Part-Time Supply Pastor

Kenleigh Turner

Faith Formation Director

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Joel Collier

Council President

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